Friday, December 23, 2011

WatSan Update

The tender for suppliers of secondary treatment sanitation systems will be out soon. A Cabinet paper is being prepared on cost allocation (who pays for an upgrade and what percentage of the cost). Criteria for identification of preferred systems are being developed. A draft contract has been developed between government and households to cover upgrades. Public awareness (Lots of awareness raised at the Vaka Eiva, a Communications Strategy is being prepared, as well a video story board on animal waste– TIS asked to have input in script). Cost comparison for sanitation design is needed (on-site vs cluster vs centralised ring sewerage) and there will be a tender for this work. Ken will provide committee with criteria for tender. Ministry of Marine Resources are continuing with water quality monitoring. The IWRM project is continuing with testing of ecological sanitation systems, Southern Cross University, NSW, Australia is helping. Draft sanitation policy will be amended some more to incorporate committee’s comments.

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