Friday, December 23, 2011

SPREP contributes to Seabird & IAS Survey

SPREP will be contributing NZ$2,000 towards the seabird and Invasive Alien Species survey in the northern group. The survey will:

1.      Complete an inventory of all bird species for each island and motu and census population sizes with an emphasis on seabirds and particularly resident or threatened species
2.      Identify all introduced mammalian threats present (feral and domestic) with particular attention to species that threaten seabirds. As possible collect information on other IAS taxa ie ants and weeds
3.      Assess the feasibility (technically and socially) to eradicate mammalian IAS
4.      Complete pelagic surveys for seabirds using a recognised transect methodology
5.      Assess bird populations against IBA criteria and document survey results, management needs (including feasibility of IAS eradications) and priorities for all islands and at sea areas surveyed
The main donor for this project is the Packard Foundation, with the Critical Ecosystems Parntership Fund also providing support.

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