Friday, December 23, 2011

TIS Develops a Membership Strategy

A Membership Strategy was created for TIS by one of our next generation members, Luana Bosanquet-Heays, who drew on her experience as a membership campaigner with Greenpeace, her international experience through attending COPs 15 & 16, and local experience having grown up here,  as to what would be appropriate for the Cooks in formulating a workable plan.  The strategy includes:
1.       Making some changes to membership policy,
2.       Working in the Pa Enua (outer islands) to increase Pa Enua membership.  
3.       Raising the profile of TIS through Facebook, the development of a website and greater input into local media.
4.       Developing a Peer Educator’s programme, hold fun & educational film nights and  to increase youth membership
5.       Employing a Youth Coordinator to implement a Change-Maker’s programme in the schools
6.       Developing an internship placement programme
7.       Introducing a visitor’s donation scheme in tourism properties
8.       Involving corporate partners in TIS campaigns
9.       Engaging community leaders to advertise membership drives
The Strategy will be reviewed by the executive annually. Funding additional to TIS revenue will be needed to implement the strategy.The development of the strategy was made possible by the AAGE. V. Jensen Charity Foundation.

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