Friday, December 23, 2011

EU evaluates Muri WatSan Project

TIS together with Muri Environment Care members met with an EU External Monitor, Fabris Hanse to advise progress and issues with implementing the Muri WatSan project. Fabris is conducting what the EU calls a “ROM” – Result Oriented Monitoring. He is looking at three EU funded projects:
  1. The Pukapuka cyclone shelter
  2. Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management and
  3. The Muri Water and Sanitation Project
TIS and MEC informed Fabrice about the considerably long process to design and implement the project. Expectations could have been better managed if EU were able to inform the community clear timelines for project phases and the likely results in each phase.
Muri Environment Care have done considerable voluntary work, educating the public about the issues surrounding nutrient-enrichment and the resulting algal blooms in Muri lagoon.

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