Friday, December 23, 2011

Northern Group Seabird and IAS Survey

Some of the TIS executive at a seabird survey debrief meeting. Left to right: Ian Karika, Tamara Suchodolsky, Teresa Framhein, Peter Heays, Jacqui Evans, Jolene Bosanquet.
Welcome home to Ian Karika, after what was an eventful trip to the Northern Group to carry out the Seabird and Invasive Alien Species Survey.  Ian & his crew left Aitutaki in September on the MV “Orongo” and headed for Penrhyn & Manihiki islands that have not be surveyed since the 1980’s. Ian is currently completing the seabird survey report. The visit was funded by the Packard Foundation, CEPF, SPREP and donations were received from Barbara Lawson and the Cummings family.

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