Friday, December 23, 2011

TIS Funding Strategy

Nick Askew from Birdlife International(BLI) came to Rarotonga to assist TIS with creating a funding strategy in order to resource the TIS Strategic Plan & ongoing work programme after March 2012.
This work is supported by the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund.
Jacqui sits on the GEF National Focal Group (Global Environment Fund) hosted by CINCW. Approximately US400,000 is available for funding over the next three years for small environmental projects up to $NZ50,000 each.
And also on the funding/aid/donors subject, TIS was invited to be part of a “think tank” organized by Peter Tierney of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management to streamline the management of  funds coming into the Cooks.
One key component is for each member of this committee to ask via their respective networks for information on personal experiences in accessing funding – good and bad – and ideas to put forward to make the processes of applications, access to funds and reporting.
Therefore please make contact with Jacqui to assist her with the TIS report by January 2012.

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