Friday, December 23, 2011

Marine Campaign

A painting by Tom Burnett (NZ) illustrating the plight of the tuna stocks in the Pacific (1992)
It does make one wonder when on one hand the government is telling the world they are serious about  “greening our economy”, and that we are going to be a Marine Park with our Whale Sanctuary and possibly Shark Sanctuary, yet  on the other hand fishing deals with far reaching catastrophic effects  are being signed with Distant Water Fishing Nations because of the bucks on offer.
We have the opportunity to show the world we are serious about creating effective sustainable development and to set in place carefully planned fishing management plans for local and overseas companies working within the framework of our whole EEZ being a Marine Park – a world’s first.
Let’s hope it’s not too late.
TIS is in dialogue with the Fishing Association and attends their meetings.
Did any of you see the doco “End of the Line” on TV earlier this month? It was amazing but scary as to what is happening in the Pacific.

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