Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Quality Report Card 2011

Most of you will have read this report in the CI News. The results tell us that we need our
individual and collective action to prevent nutrients reaching the lagoon. We can do it. We
have to do it. The health of the lagoon depends on our action, not next year but now. TIS will
compile a list of things we can do to live the sustainable life. The rest is up to us – households,
businesses, growers, tourism operators, farmers - to act more environmentally responsibly and in many cases in changing habits of a lifetime rather than blindly acting as we have always done. We are now living a western lifestyle, yet we live on islands with limited resources. . Whilst we can’t
change the world, we can change our personal attitudes and save our tiny pacific paradise thereby helping Mother Earth. Ni seconda! There is no second choice of a planet on which to live.

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