Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EnviromentWeek focuses onWetlands Enua Mou E Vai Ora –Wetlands for Healthy Islands

Congratulations to NES for co-ordinating a very successful Environment Week 30 May-02 June.
This year incorporated artwork & performing arts items by school students, a Quiz Challenge and the popular Lagoon Days with lots of media coverage. June & Andrew Hosking, wonderful
examples of “living” the sustainable life focused on their composting loo at home in Mauke.
Lagoon cruises & a visit to the last habitat of the native Red Fiddler Crab at Aroko, as well as
informative booths provided the public and school children with a wonderful educational
exposay. Thanks to Tamara Suchodolsky & Teresa Framhein for being the TIS co-ordinators, attending pre-meetings and together with Ana & Jolene Bosanquet manned the TIS booth on the two Lagoon Days. The focus was on the “fauna” of the wetlands. presentations. Thanks to CI Natural Heritage for the photos for the display. The message is loud and clear, whether we live on the coast, on the back road or further inland we are ALL responsible for the health of our lagoon.

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