Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting for the Society on 29th June saw the re-election of our executive: Patron Karika Ariki Margaret Karika, President Ian karika, Vice President Andy Olah and Secretary/Treasurer, Jolene Bosanquet. New committee members are Elina Rocka, Teina McKenzie and Carina Langsford. Previous committee members re-elected to the committee are Teresa Framhein, Kelvin Passfield, Tamara Suchdolsky, and Peter Heays.

President Karika says “Together with Programme Manager Jacqui Evans and Biodiversity Coordinator Ana Tiraa the committee makes a very strong and dedicated team with a wealth of expertise in a variety of environmental areas.”

Congratulations to the new executive committee and welcome to our new committee members.

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