Friday, July 1, 2011

Economic Summit - Sustainable Growth?

The new Cook Island Party Government appointed an Economic Taskforce to prepare and present to the public a snapshot of how they see the future of the Cook Islands. A two day
Economic Summit 13/14 April showcased areas targeted for growth and development.
The question TIS raised several times related to the appropriateness and sustainability of
specific growth strategies. Questions asked were well presented, raising further concerns
by members of the public. Sadly question time allowed was inadequate given the interest
by the public in voicing their concerns. TIS felt that if the brief had been for example “The
sustainable future of the Cook Islands” a totally different approach would have been
created compared to the focus on "full speed ahead on economic development" . Those TIS
members who attended were impressed with the environmental concerns raised by a diverse
audience – potential new members? TIS will follow up on questions we asked and report back on amendments, if any, to the proposed plans.

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