Monday, June 14, 2010

Recyclable Jewellery Competition

The Global Green Grants Fund has provided Te Ipukarea Society Inc. with a grant to run a recyclable jewellery competition in schools.

Partners in the competition are Paka's Pearls and Koutu Nui with additional in-kind support from the Cook Islands Ministry of Education.

The objectives of the competition are:

1. Encourage environmental awareness and its importance in sustainable practices

2. Enhance the artistic ability of Rarotonga children

3. Encourage and promote the use of recyclable and reusable materials to make jewelry

4. Education and awareness of business skills utilizing sales of jewelry

Sections are:

1. Matariki section (Grades 10-13)

2. Kakaia section (Grades 7-9)

3. To’ora section (Grades 4-6)

First, second and third prize will be awarded for each section. Fifty percent of the prize money will go to the school and the other 50% to the student.

1. Overall quality and presentation of jewelry

2. Amount of recyclable materials used

3. Creative use of recyclable materials

4. Safety and comfort

5. Use of colour, texture, pattern

6. Authenticity (pieces must be made by the artist named and not by an unnamed individual)

Competition guidelines are:

Each school may submit up to six of its best pieces of jewelry, preferably a minimum of two pieces from each section.

Group entries are allowed as long as all members are in the same section.

For each piece of jewelry, information including name(s), age(s), school, materials used, and the story behind its creation must be submitted on an entry form.

Each school to bring six pieces of artwork to Paka's Pearls with completed entry forms by 4pm Friday 2nd April 2010.

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