Monday, June 14, 2010

Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) Appoints Program Manager

With the financial assistance of Birdlife International Inc and the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund, Te Ipukarea Society Inc, has appointed Jacqui Evans as its ProgramManager effective 31 May 2010. TIS is an affiliate of BirdLife International.

Jacqui has been involved with TIS since its inception in 1996, as a volunteer in both technical and practical roles and serving as President of this environmental organisation for several years.. Some of the campaigns Jacqui has been involved in are Save Our Suwarrow, Say Yes to Cloth Bags, Co-Ordinator of the Year of the Coral Reefs, Co-Ordinator of Recycling bins in schools, organiser of the recent Jewelry Competition.

Jacqui has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree in Geography. She was the original WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) Manager in the Cooks and during that time set up for the Koutu Nui the Raui Programme. She is on the committee of the successful annual Lagoon Day and Advisor to the Muri Environmental Group. In addition Jacqui has worked for National Environment Service, Ministry of Marine Resources and Cook Islands News. By far her most challenging role has been creating and implementing the Public Health (Sewerage) Regulations including running workshops and developing educational materials for the Ministry of Health.

“I’m passionate about protecting our fragile island environment and have had a long history doing this work both professional and on a volunteer basis. I intend to raise the profile of TIS and implement worthwhile projects that produce results” commented Jacqui.

The Executive of TIS are delighted to have Jacqui as Program Manager.
The selection panel included Liz Munro (NES), Ana Tiraa, Kelvin Passfield, Greg Stanaway, Andy Olah, Ed Saul and Peter Heays.

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