Friday, June 29, 2007

VACANCY!! - TIS Youth Coordinator

Te Ipukarea Society Inc. has a vacancy for a Youth Coordinator to work 20 hours/week on youth environmental projects in the Cook Islands. Applicants should:
  • Have a strong interest in the environment
  • Be able to relate to and encourage enthusiasm amongst youth.
  • Have a sound high school record and may have a university degree
  • Have excellant verbal and written communication skills
  • Preferably speak Cook Islands Maori
  • Have good organisational skills
  • Show initiative, be self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Be computer literate
  • Be willling to report on progress at monthly executive meetings

Remuneration is NZ$12,000 - $NZ15,000 gross per year, depending on experience and qualifications. Depending on the success in securing further funding, the position is intended to become full time at a later date.

Please send CV, three references and a covering letter with a 250 word statement about why you would be good for this job to:

The President
Te Ipukarea Society Inc.
PO Box 649
Cook Islands
Or email:

The deadline for applications is 11th July 2007.
For further enquiries, please call 21144.


Title of Position:
TIS Youth Coordinator

Objectives of the Position:
To implement a TIS membership drive targeting youth
To coordinate environmental initiatives for youth
To promote the involvement of youth in TIS actions
To help identify and analyse revenue generating activities for sustainability
To maintain a functional TIS office

Reports to:
TIS President

Supervised by:
TIS President, TIS Vice-President, TIS Treasurer

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist youth with the implementation of youth environmental initiatives based on the Plan of Action developed by youth at the TIS Youth Environment Forum 31st August - 1st September 2006. This will involve:
Ø Seeking costing on goods and services needed for proposed activities
Ø Liaison with retailers, government officials, and other key people in the community who are needed to provide goods and services for the implementation of youth environmental initiatives
Ø Sourcing and purchasing materials
Ø Liaison with the media and production of a quarterly TIS newsletter
Ø Obtaining sponsorship for award incentives and rewards at events
Ø Working with schools and uniformed organisations to promote environmental awareness and action
Ø With the assistance of the TIS executive committee, identifying revenue generation activities that will support a coordinator beyond 2007
Ø When available, attending relevant local, regional and national meetings and workshops to enhance learning and to increase enthusiasm for your vocation.

2. Develop and implement a Recruitment Campaign
Ø With the assistance of the TIS executive committee, develop and implement a recruitment campaign aimed at increasing the number of young people in the organisation

3. Maintain a functional TIS office
Ø Assist with the identification and analysis of potential revenue generating activities to sustain the coordinator position
Ø Forward TIS emails to appropriate chairperson or executive member
Ø Defrag computer, clean drives and ensure virus protection is up to date
Ø Ensure batteries on cameras and laptop are charged
Ø Maintain dehumidifier
Ø Check post office mail
Ø Pay phone, power and rental bills and other bills relevant to youth initiatives
Ø File receipts and correspondence
Ø Keep a record of expenditure

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