Monday, June 14, 2010

Jewellery Competition Deadline Extended

Kids entering the Te Akatauira recyclable jewellery competition are getting an extra week to complete their work.

The deadline for entries has been changed from 2nd April to 9th April.

“We thought the kids and teachers would appreciate having the Easter weekend to finish working on their pieces,” says organiser, Paka Worthington of Paka’s Pearls.

There are three sections in the competition: The To’ora section is for Grades 4-6, the Kakaia section is for Grades 7-9, and the Matariki section is for Grades 10-13.

Prize money is $400 for first prize, $200 for second and $100 for third with 50% of the prize money going to the school and 50% going to the student.

Each school may submit up to six entries.

School teachers have been given an opportunity to learn a few tips on making recyclable jewellery at a workshop in February and a repeat workshop earlier this month.

“So far the participation has been good and we really appreciate the teachers and students putting in the extra effort during this very busy time,” says co-organiser Jacqui Evans of Te Ipukarea Society Inc.

The competition is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Koutu Nui and the Global Green Grants Fund.

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