Friday, June 29, 2007

Future Environmental Leadership Forum

Our Youth Coordinator, Ewan Cameron, went to the Future Environmental Leadership Forum in Samoa from the 2nd to the 4th of April 2007. The Forum was a leadership programme for young adults interested in leadership for environmental sustainability. The programme will have four phases:
PHASE 1: Skill building - this began in the forum and continues to grow as the program develops
PHASE 2: Networking - the Pacific Youth Environment Network PYEN will be used as a mechanism for young people in the Pacific to develop a keen interest in environmental issues in the Pacific. PYEN was established by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).
PHASE 3: Mentorship - this is a key element of this youth leadership program. This phase will provide young people with opportunities to establish connections with mentors who can provide support in various areas. SPREP (South Pacific Regional Environment Programme) will work with USP (University of the South Pacific), UNEP and PYEN along with other regional agencies to connect young people to potential mentors.
PHASE 4: Internship and Placements - providing on the job training as a key method to reinforcing skills learning, and to access work with key agencies to explore possibilities to provide work placements.

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