Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Learning About Deep Sea Mining

TIS Executive Member Teina MacKenzie attended a workshop in Fiji in August to learn about the geological, technical, biological and environmental aspects of deep sea minerals last month.
The workshop is part of the Deep Sea Minerals Project implemented by SPC and funded by the European Union.
During previous regional workshops and national stakeholder consultation meetings in the 15 Pacific Islands countries participating in the project, SPC learnt that the capacity to effectively regulate and facilitate meaningful participation of Pacific ACP States in the deep sea minerals industry is lacking.
Therefore this workshop was developed to enhance knowledge through:
(1) delivery of appropriate lecture materials; (2) showing  videos and graphics related to each topic; (3) active participation and interactive discussions during the workshop; (4) short tests or exercises to gauge the level of knowledge of each participant; and (5) provision of relevant training materials to each participant (i.e. reports, handouts, power point presentations, and video clips).
Further workshops are expected to cover financial, environmental and social aspects of deep sea minerals.

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