Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ana Tiraa voted as IUCN Global Councillor

TIS Executive member Ana Tiraa was voted to the IUCN Global Council at the World Conservation Congress. Ana has worked in conservation in the Pacific region for more than 20 years.
“I believe that conservation is about managing people's actions, and this is the key to achieving good outcomes,” says  Ana in her speech in Jeju.
“As the largest of the world's oceans, the Pacific Ocean is vital to the survival of the entire world.  
However, it is under a number of significant threats from the impacts of climate change, and also the requirements of rapidly developing mega economies in other regions of the world for resources to fuel their growth.
The rapid increase of Invasive Alien Species in the Pacific Islands also presents a major threat to us,” says Ana.
The role of Regional Councillors is to provide guidance on the overall development and implementation of the Union’s world-wide policies and programmes, provide input to the Council on the interests, priorities and needs of the IUCN Members in the Regions and act as IUCN’s ambassadors, working with the President and Director General to advance the interests and Mission of the Union and to promote its services within the Region
Congratulations, Ana!

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