Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Water & Sanitation in Muri

The Water and Sanitation unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning (MOIP) has opened an office in Muri village.
The purpose is to facilitate work on the ground to improve wastewater management in Muri and protect the coastal coral lagoon ecosystem.
Water and Sanitation Technical Advisors Tekao Herman and Tai Nooapii at the WatSan Office, Muri
Muri Environment Care (MEC) offered MOIP the office space in part of the newly renovated Muri Meeting House at a meeting on 7th July.
The meeting house was renovated with funds from Seacology.
The office was opened during the visit of New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs Murry McCully’s delegation of 14 July.
Memberships expired 30 June. Don’t forget to renew asap!Jacqui was requested to present the results of the septic tank audit done by the Cook Islands Ministry of Health last year.
Jacqui completed the report on the audit together with on-site wastewater ecological engineer Andrew Dakers.

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