Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cook Islands Whale and Wildlife Centre Launched

Jacqui Evans and Jolene Bosanquet attended the launch of the Cook Islands Whale and Wildlife Centre at Atupa on 22 July.
“The new centre is absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe we have something like this in the Cook Islands,” says Jacqui.
The Cook Islands Whale Research building was renovated to establish a museum complete with collections of whaling memorabilia, items used in research, a small display of wildlife, comprising coconut crabs, centipedes and fish and even a mini-cinema.
There is also a small café at the centre.
The centre was expanded to include Wildlife Centre Ltd with Sheryl and Huw John as Directors.
“We’re just really happy to have finally made this happen!” says Nan Hauser, Director of Cook Islands Whale Research.
Cook Islands Whale Research also celebrated its 10th anniversary on the day of the launch.
After receiving a guided tour of the museum, Jacqui and Jolene bought themselves a T-Shirt in support of the centre.
Our members are encouraged to visit the centre because it’s an opportunity to educate the family about Cook Islands wildlife, treat themselves to a toasted sandwich and a flat white coffee and support a good cause.

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