Monday, December 6, 2010

Solid Waste Audit

To begin implementation of recommendations from the Panel Discussion, a Waste Audit planning meeting was organized by TIS. The meeting between TIS, MOIP and NES was to examine methods and results of the last waste audit and equipment needed as recommended by the NZ Solid Waste Protocol. John Wichman who was at the meeting venue joined in the discussion. John explained that there is already a proposal at MOIP to implement a waste audit and the proposal just needs to be submitted. He offered TIS an opportunity to comment on the proposal. The proposal is to engage a consultant to assist MOIP to:

  • Identify adequate operation and maintenance funding via cost recovery through taxes and fees from management services.
  • Review the refuse and recycling collection system
  • Privatize certain parts of the Rarotonga Waste Management Facility (landfill and recycling station).
  • Create and implement a plan to move to the next stage of completing Solid Waste integration - waste reduction and separation.
  • Increase capacity to coordinate a joint agency approach to Solid Waste Management.

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