Monday, December 6, 2010

Results of Muri-EU Risk Assessment Survey

Results of the Muri-EU Risk Assessment Survey were presented at a meeting of the community group Muri Environment Care and representatives of the Aid Management Division. Some of the results of the survey are:

  • of the 242 properties surveyed, 64% had septic systems that predated 2000 and consisted of a single chamber septic tank leading to a soak pit
  • Only 28% of property owners knew when their tank was last pumped out
  • Most land application systems (the system that disperses treated effluent back into the ground) were soak pits and only a small number were trenches
  • Of tourist accommodation properties surveyed, only 17% use sub-surface irrigation as a land application system
  • 80% of households have insufficient land available for upgrading their soak pits to a trench or sub-surface irrigation system.
  • 66% of people surveyed have the perception that their sanitation system is working satisfactorily.
  • Only ¼ of the community knew that soak pits are no longer permitted.
  • 48% showed a willingness to share a septic system with their neighbor to reduce the cost of an upgrade
  • 60% showed a willingness to pay for sanitation services
  • The number of pigs in the Muri area is equivalent to having another 801 people in the village
Steps that can be taken next include, fixing septic systems in the Lagoon Protection Zone (all properties on the beachfront and most properties alongside the main road), education and awareness, enforcement of current standards and detailed analysis of a sewage system design.

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