Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tania Temata - Twenty years of service to the Environment acknowledged

 To coincide with Environment Week, Tania Temata has been chosen as recipient of the TIS Environmental Award.
“This Award is presented to either an individual or organization or business who is a champion of environmental issues and Tania is very deserving of this Award” says Ian Karika, President of the Society.
In citing the reasons for receiving this award, the award reads “for carrying out your various roles at the National Environment Service with excellence for over twenty years, through untiring service and love for the people of the Cook Islands and the Pacific, thereby making a difference to the wellbeing of the planet”.
“Most of us at TIS have worked with Tania as environmental colleagues and we have always
been impressed with her dedication, intelligence and determination, whether at home or on the world stage, pushing for positive measures to protect the Cook Islands environment”, commented Jacqui Evans, Programme Manager for TIS. Congratulations Tania.

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